The Energy Savings Trust The Energy Savings Trust maintain an online database detailing grants and discounts. How much does it cost? The price varies according to technology (PV, biomass, heat pump, etc), and obviously the size. Renewables are a long term solution, with long-term savings and a return on investment. Government Funding For a limited time, certain renewable technologies are eligible for one-off payments to meet or offset installation costs, and/or receive payment for every unit of renewable energy generated. Loans Funding Beware of claims that “green loans” are available - this is nonsense. As are the “free install & save £800” type schemes, which tie you into a 25yr letting agreement, with no guarantee of any savings let alone £800pa, an on-going requirement to inform estate agents (who often don’t tell prospective buyers), and may affect your insurance and mortgage conditions. And the installer pockets the renewable generation and feed-in tariff payments.   Grants and funding It may not be as expensive as you might think GC Heating   2 Bellerton Lane   Stoke-on-Trent   ST6 8XP    07973 178248