GC Heating   2 Bellerton Lane   Stoke-on-Trent   ST6 8XP    07973 178248 Feed-in tarrifs allow you sell any surplus energy you generate back to the power companies, via the National Grid, and thus over time recoup the cost of investing in green energy - not simply through lower or non-existent bills, but by selling surplus power. In effect, the customer becomes a power company! In April 2010 the government introduced Feed In Tariffs (FIT). Customers - or rather, ‘power generators’ - will receive a fixed amount for each kWh they generate. This could be up to 44.3p/kWh. All FIT payments are tax free and index linked to inflation for 25 years, guaranteeing a return on your investment of between 10 and 18%.  Not only do you save in the long term, you even make a profit! More information can be found at the Feed-in Tariffs website The Renewable Heat Incentive aims to provide financial support to individuals, communities, and business to encourage the transition from fossil fuel heating systems to renewable heating sources such as wood-fuelled bio-mass systems. This is available to anyone who has installed an eligible technology since 15th July 2009. More information is available  from the Governments DECC website. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme has the objective of helping individuals afford renewable technologies for the home. Renewable Energy Feed-in Tarrifs and the RHI sales@gcheating.co.uk