GC Heating   2 Bellerton Lane   Stoke-on-Trent   ST6 8XP    07973 178248 We were Stoke's original champion of renewable energy systems, namely Solar Photovoltaic panels. GCHeating has installed systems ranging in size from a typical household roof-based system, a facia-clad installation for an Energy company's head office, to a massive solar-PV 'farm'. Whatever your requirements, GC Heating Renewables have the skill and experience to design, install, and maintain a bespoke solar PV array to suit your property, and equally importantly, your budget. Unlike the 'cowboys', you own the entire installation, you keep 100% of the Feed-In Tariff payments, you don't need your mortgage companies agreement; there is no catch or con. Your solar PV system doesn't end with the installation of the panels and an inverter, of course. To take full advantage of the Feed-In Tariff - and future Green Deal - it is connected to the National Grid, to 'sell' your surplus electricity to the energy companies. Integral to this is a system that allows you to monitor how much energy you generate on a daily basis and monitor the performance of your installation. We provide the necessary equipment and an on-line account with Sunyboy to record electrical generation figures, which is accessed from a web browser  - allowing you to track your figures even when away. And we are MCS and BRE accredited - only MCS accredited companies can install renewable energy systems which qualify for the Feed-In Tariff scheme. Call us for an estimate and to arrange a site survey! Photovoltaics Contd sales@gcheating.co.uk Why install photovoltaic panels? 25 year income with the Feed-In Tarif Earn up to 21pence per Kilowatt you generate, tax free and inflation linked Reduce or even avoid the horrendous rise in electrical bills