GC Heating   2 Bellerton Lane   Stoke-on-Trent   ST6 8XP    07973 178248 Technology moves on, and from solar panels we come to ‘Solar Photovoltaics‘ (PV) which uses energy from the sun to create electricity. This requires only daylight - not sunlight - to generate power; dispenses with ugly panels; and can generate power even on overcast days. And as our showcase installation at Dane Housing illustrates, PV panels can be incorporated into a building in such a way that they compliment or even enhance the design: at first glance the panels appear to be a modern, glass- fronted building, rather than the traditional dark, intrusive, solar panneling. PV panels can be mounted onto most roofs and walls, and in some cases, the roof itself can be made of photovoltaic tiles for the ultimate in discrete, non-intrusive, solar design. PV works by converting solar radiation into electricity. A PV cell is nothing more than one or two layers of  semi-conducting material - such as silicon - which generates an electric field when light shines on it. This causes electricity to flow, and the more intense the light, the greater the flow.   Read our FactSheet Call us for an estimate and to arrange a site survey! And remember, its environmentally friendly - a typical domestic household can save over 1 TON of CO2 per year. In addition, a ‘green energy’ system can add 10% to the value of your house! Renewable Energy Photovoltaics sales@gcheating.co.uk